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Assistant Editor (MNRAS), Royal Astronomical Society

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I have represented the Royal Astronomical Society in discussing astronomical results and events with various news outlets, summarized below:

Date Organisation Activity Topic Link (where available)
24/7/15ITV News Video clip NASA New Horizons images of Pluto www.itv.com - New close-up images of Pluto released by NASA 
11/8/15 Sky NewsRadio interviewPerseid meteorshower -
12/8/15The Telegraph Print interviewPerseid meteor showerwww.telegraph.co.uk - Perseid Meteor Shower: shooting stars to light up Britain's skies
14/8/15BBC London 94.9Radio interviewGreenwich meridianmp3 - Drivetime with Eddie Nestor
27/9/15BBC World ServiceRadio interviewLunar eclipsemp3 - The Newsroom
27/9/15BBC World NewsTV interviewLunar eclipse-
28/9/15SkyTV interview (outside)Lunar eclipse-
28/9/15BBC World ServiceRadio interviewLunar eclipsemp3 - Newsday
28/9/15BBC World NewsTV interview  (incl. photos)Lunar eclipsevideo - GMT
28/10/15BBC NewsPrint interview Conjunction of Venus, Mars & Jupiterwww.bbc.co.uk - Venus, Jupiter and Mars line up for skyline spectacle
20/1/16The Press and JournalPrint interview Alignment of 5 planets www.pressandjournal.co.uk - Stargazers in for a treat as planets line up for a show
21/1/16ITV NewsVideo clipEvidence for 9th planetwww.facebook.com/itvnews
11/2/16Al JazeeraTV interviewDetection of gravitational waves


10/8/16Vice.comPrint interviewPerseid meteor shower (photography)

motherboard.vice.com - An Amateur’s Guide to Taking Photos of the Perseid Meteor Shower

12/8/16BBC NewsPrint interview (incl. photos)Perseid meteor shower

www.bbc.co.uk - 'Spectacular fireballs' accompany annual meteor show

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